Suspicions of Mahdism

Regarding the life of Imam al-Zaman (as) and the category of "Mahdism", some questions and doubts are raised that are public and comprehensive, both by believers and deniers. In this article, we want to answer questions such as: the longevity and philosophy of Imam Mahdi's (pbuh) absence.

One: Lifespan

The longevity of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his Arrival) is a definite and fixed truth that has neither a way to deny nor a chance to doubt. This issue can be examined from two perspectives.


Biologists say that if the disorders and damage that reach man and shorten his life are eliminated, he will live a long life. And for this, they have stated the factors of longevity; Such as: proper nutrition [1], Proper sleep, peace of mind [2], hereditary factor [3], Low eating [4], open air [5], hard work [6], cold and freezing [7]. Each of these has been proven by numerous studies in research centers and it has been said that humans and living beings can be kept alive for thousands of years [8]. Dr. Harold Maryman, director of the American Institute for Medical Research, believes that 197 degrees below zero can be called eternal life [9]. A British expert says that upsetting the balance of iron, copper, magnesium and potassium reserves and overcoming one of them over the other will lead to death. And in the words of Saadi (Iranian poet): "If one of these four substances prevails, the sweet soul will come out of the mold" [10]