He is the one who will rise up rightly


He is the one who guides people in matters that are hidden from them


The sincere people of the ummah will await for his Reapearance despite the prolongation of his Occultation


He is always awaiting for permission to rise and Reappear from the Almighty God.


 means that the divine rule will be realized over all creatures by that Imam

The owner:

He is the leader that the Blessed and Exalted God, has made it obligatory for all his servants to follow him.

the Righteous successor:

Because he is the successor of all the previous prophets and testators and has gathered all their knowledge, status and characteristics.


He is God's last reserve and His last proof on the earth

the Revenger:

He is the one who will take revenge of the oppressed from the oppressors.

the Heir:

That Imam is the inheritor of the sciences, perfections, authorities and dignity of all the prophets and his noble fathers.

the Promised:

His Reappearance has been promised to all the prophets and nations of the past.

the last guardian:

That Imam is the last guardian of the Holy Messenger (PBUH) and the last infallible Imam.

the Inviter:

That Imam has a mission from the Almighty God to invite people to their Lord.

the Expander:

That is, the one who spreads blessing and felicity.

the Perfector:

Because he is the complement of the caliphate and the divine government, as well as science and perfection on earth.

the Occult:

it means invisible. the Almighty God, with His eternal power and wisdom, prepared the basis for the occultation of His last proof.

the Wished:

it means the one whom is all the people of the world hoped for and are awaiting for the uprising of that great savior.

the Speaker:

he will express all the sciences and knowledge without any worries, and issue the command of God.

the Shine of Muhammad's dynasty (pbuh):

It has been interpreted as the guardianship of Imam Mahdi and his Reappearance and guidance