The story of al Hurr ibn Yazid al-Riyahi at the events of Karbala:

Muhajir ibn Aws said:

"by God, I have never seen you in any war like this, if I was asked who the bravest man of Kufa was, certainly I wouldn't miss your name. Now, what is this state I see you in?".

Al-Hurr said: "truly I see myself between paradise and hellfire;

and by God, if I get torn apart and burned, I will not choose anything but paradise.

Upon saying this, al-Hurr directed his horse toward the campsite of Imam al-Husayn (a).

He went to the Imam and said: "May I be your sacrifice O son of Allah's Apostle, I am the one who prevented you to go back (to your hometown) and I kept being with you so that you had to camp in this land,

I had never imagined they would turn down your suggestions and get you caught in such a fate, by God if I'd known the situation would end up here, I would have never gotten involved in it. Now I repent to God from what I have done, would my repentance be accepted?"

The Imam replied:

"yes, your repentance is accepted."

Hurr addressed the army: "O people of Kufa! may your mother grieve over you! You summon this good man to yourselves while saying that you would help him to fight his enemies, but now that he has come to you, you refrain from

helping him...

At this point, the archers in Umar's army throw arrows toward him and he retreated and stood in front of Imam al-Husayn (a).

He fought bravely and even though his horse was injured and was bleeding from the forehead and ears, he kept

reciting Rajaz and attacking the enemy on the same horse.

He killed more than forty members of Umar's army. Then the infantry part of the army rushed to him at once and martyred him.