Traits of Awaited Women from perspective of Imam al-Zaman (may God hasten his Arrival)

This Dua(suplication) is famous among the prayers attributed to Imam al-Zaman: "May God grant us the success of obedience..." which beautifully and in short phrases, expresses the duties of those awaiting from different classes and levels and shows the way of life in the style of awaiting.

Imam al-Zaman in the continuation of the luminous phrases of this prayer states: "O Allah give modesty and chastity to women".

Women, as half of the population of society, have an important and irreplaceable role in its improvement. Therefore, the style they choose for life and the values that they contemplate and act accordingly, also affect the movement of society towards happiness or misery.

Meanwhile, in order for women to play the role of mother and wife in society properly, they must be equipped with weapons, the most important of which are "modesty and chastity".

Imam Hassan al-Askari (pbuh) said: "My Son is the Imam and the proof after me. Whoever dies and does not know him has died the death of ignorance. Be aware that there is an occultation for him which the ignorants will be astonished and the false worshipers will perish, and those who set the time of the Reappearance will lie. Then from behind the veil he comes out and reappears. It seems that I am looking at the white flags that are waving over his head in Najaf and Kufa."

Kamaluddin, page 409, hadith 9