We are Honored to inform you all that the Monji Movements Website is ready to establish after days and nights of efforts of our team, anyhow this Website is ready to give service to our brothers and sisters from all across the globe especially the Awaiters of Imam Mahdi (aj). and now our participants can join this movement or have a much more fast and easy access to the contents and news.

This Wbsite is completely Unique in its Style and work, and its one of the rare multi-language Mahdavi Websites, with the aim of of vreating Unification of Muslim Ummah under the flag of Imam Mahdi (aj). Now you can access different parts of the Website and introduce it to your firends and family members. And also you can acces all the contents of Monji Movement with the centrality of Imam Mahdi, from our campaings to Research contents. Our Events news and contents are reachable from the Blog Page.

there is also a portal for you to register your info in this movement by going to Participation tab and tell us about your proffessions and skills that you have along with your passion to help Imam Mahdi (aj) in this Movement.

As you know, Establishment and Mangement of this Website has a very Heavy Cost and if you'd like this Movement to hold this Website Alive, in order to Achieve that we need your help and support, and we have put a donation part in our Website for those who would like to Help Keep this Movement Alive.

you can go to the Donate tab and see the ways that you can donate and help.

We Have Hope that by this move, We may Helped in the Arrival of Imam Mahdi (aj) and serve as his Soldiers with Loyalty.

Oh Allah! Hasten his Arrival.