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The story began when the devil, riding on the mount of arrogance and pride, refused the command of his lord. Since that day, human saw no rest, and the world turned into a campaign to test human. Now it was humankind who must choose one way out of two which is: obeying God which leads human to perfection, salvation, and happiness; or obeying Satan, rebellion, and sin.


the Satan made some humans to accompany with him in the direction of his inauspicious purposes, and signed the treaty of him by martyring divine prophets and infallible Imams, and lay the foundation of disobedience from divine orders, and deviated from right path at the end. On this basis, God hid his last apostle and twelfth Imam, the promised Mahdi (Aj), from the sights of people, and deprived human being from his blessed presence, and settled him as a reserve for a day which the men found to be grateful and worthy of his presence, and humbly ask his arrival from God.


the Monji Movement see this as its mission to step up into this way and introduce the humankind its true ‘’lost one’’ and by introducing imam Mahdi (aj) as the only true savior of humankind to all of the free nations around the world, and take a high and effective step along the purpose of arrival of his holly being.

We are going to...

execute that order of imam which he mentioned in his commandment letter to Shaikh Mofid that “if our Shia’s had been unified together for our order of appearance to take place with their heart and soul, the honor of my visitation will not get delayed even a second.” therefore the purpose of Monji Movement is to keep solidarity and creating connection bonds between Shia’s from all across the globe. if almighty Allah Find us worthy of being deserved to see imam’s reappearance, we will see the beauty of imam’s face filled with pure light and all of the people of the world will be blessed under his government with justice and peace.

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